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Common Destiny, A Tribute to Kader Asmal

Common Destiny, a tribute volume to the late Kader Asmal, 8 October 1934 – 22 June 2011.

Author : Edited by Hanif Vally and Maureen Isaacson

Publication Date : 2014-10-01 00:00:00

Category : FHR Publications

Common Destiny, A Tribute to Kader Asmal


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When Kader Asmal passed away in 2011, South Africa lost one of the guiding figures in South Africa’s transition to democracy. Asmal was instrumental in conceiving the idea of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a mechanism to address the wounds of the past. He was a key author in South Africa’s ground-breaking constitution, going on to become an active leader in government through his roles as Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry and Minister of Education. His biography Politics in My Blood [Jacana, 2011] offers vivid insight into his experience as an activist and a politician. In contrast, this tribute book contributes by sharing some of his speeches and writings and thus celebrating his role as an intellectual and an academic. Many of the issues and concerns that he raises in this collection continue to resonate today. 

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