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Call for Technical Experts

Further Development of the National Action Plan (NAP) and Finalisation of the Implementation Plan for the NAP.

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Result Area : Human Rights Awareness

Closing Date : 2017-03-31 01:54:00

The Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) is an indigenous grant maker established in 1996 through an agreement entered into between the South African government and the European Union. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the building of a democratic state and society in South Africa, based on the rule of law and social justice as prescribed in the Bill of Rights.

The FHR, in partnership with the Department of Constitutional Justice and Development, requires technical expertise to incorporate all inputs and comments received into the NAP and to finalise the implementation plan for the NAP.

The purpose of the NAP is to provide South Africa with a comprehensive policy framework to address racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance at both a public and private level.The NAP is not intended to replace existing laws and policies but to be complementary to existing legislation, policies and programmes which address equality, equity and discrimination. The NAP contributes towards complying with the State’s obligation to meet its international (CERD), regional and national obligations and efforts to achieve human rights for all.

As a result of public consultations conducted by the DOJ&CD with stakeholders within municipalities and across sectors nationally, a total of 167 comments were received including a number of late submissions by organisations, of which 104 were individual submissions and 63 from organisations, institutions or other bodies. Inputs and comments were also obtained during the provincial consultative sessions, as reflected in the reports finalised in this regard.

Technical experts with proven experience and working knowledge of human rights and constitutional issues with requisite research and analytical skills are invited to apply.

Detailed Terms of Reference will be made available on request to the FHR website NAP(at)fhr.org.za